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Matt Prosser is your knowledgeable, experienced & trusted Insurance Advisor

Hello, I’m Matt.

I’m an entrepreneurial business owner; husband, and dad to three amazing kids; I’m a born and bred Wellingtonian.

I have worked in financial services for over 10 years as a qualified FA (AFA), advising on complex insurance and investment solutions. 

I have recently finished up a successful career as an investment advisor.  Speaking honestly and from the heart, I came to the realisation that while helping wealthy people get wealthier through investment, was rewarding, I have realised that it doesn’t get me out of bed in the morning.  Focusing on my roots as an insurance advisor, really gives me purpose.  Helping people when they really need it is my motivation in life.

This is my family business. I have a unique skillset that can help people.  I'm in this for a long-term. I’m here to be your advisor.  We are in this together.


Protecting what matters most

As a father of three primary aged kids, I understand the importance protecting what matters most.  My first insurance claim was for a three year old who was diagnosed with Leukemia. Everything for that family changed on that day, it changed their world forever.  Seeing the emotional impact and the financial implications of that diagnosis, was life changing for me as well.  For me to be involved in that journey with that family, and to see the value in the advice and protection that I provided, has given me a real purpose.  That first claim changed the way I viewed life.  It showed me how life can change in an instant.  Since that date, many years ago, I have had many more claims, all different, yet all the same in the way claims turn people's worlds upside down – both emotionally and financially.